Carpet Cleaners

Call Cleaners London can offer you first class carpet cleaning, end of tenancy, domestic and upholstery cleaning services for your home and office.

Having carpeted floors at home or in the office has its benefits but also brings a lot of responsibilities along. It makes the atmosphere much cosier and nicer but also requires a much more complex cleaning than hard floors.

While having tiled or wooden floors could do with vacuuming and mopping, carpets get stained and collect dust. A dirty carpet is not pleasant at all and might even bring you some health issues you definitely did not ask for.

Carpet cleaning is one of the new and quite popular cleaning services in London and it takes a well-trained team of professionals to handle the specific situation of your carpet. Often, homeowners think that the weekly amount of cleaning they deploy on their carpets is about enough and yet many of them claim that they weren’t happy with the state of their carpets and that was why they called a professional cleaning service – to bring back their freshness and bright colours and make them seem newer than they actually are.

You barely have an idea of how much dust and grime is hidden in your carpets. Vacuuming them might benefit you in some ways but is not nearly enough to keep them well-maintained. It is without a doubt preferable to get in contact with a cleaning company like ours because we have the right equipment and we guarantee optimal results. Carpet cleaning is a difficult job and our team of professionals will do that for you while you enjoy your free time.

The cleaning of carpets is done mainly using two methods – steam cleaning and dry cleaning and here we should mention that the steam cleaning is used far more often because most of the carpets that we encounter do not need dry cleaning and can be steam-cleaned. It is also faster and more efficient.

It is extremely important to test and find out the exact type of carpet one is working with. The different fabrics and stains require a different approach. Our technicians will do just that! The first step is figuring out what material is the particular carpet made of as well as what type of stains occur on it.

This helps finding out the best methods and products for impeccable results without any damage caused. This is the main reason why we suggest you do not attempt anything on your own since using the wrong chemicals might not only result in you not achieving stain removal but also damaging the surface of your carpet permanently.

***All products and detergents we use are non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe for pets and children and biodegradable.

Here is some information about both methods. For more particular questions please contact our office.

Steam Cleaning of Carpets:

Steam Cleaning is the method we usually use for carpeted surfaces. It results in excellence and disinfection of your carpets. The tools that we use are one of the best on the market, brought by our professional technicians, they can perform wonderfully on any kind of carpet.

Here is how Steam cleaning goes:

  • First, the steam cleaning technicians determine the type of carpet that you have, testing the fibers. When this step is finished, they know exactly what kind of detergent to use in order to clean but not damage your carpet.
  • Second, the whole carpet is vacuumed thoroughly, ensuring that no dust or dirt is left on it. This is an important step since any leftover particles on the surface of your carpet might intervene with the cleaning process.
  • After that, the cleaning solution of choice is being sprayed over any stains or areas that might require it. The chemicals dissolve all the dirt stuck to your carpet fibers, making it easier for the steam cleaning to remove them.
  • Then the powerful steam cleaning machine is brought. It extracts water into steam (up to 120 degrees). This amazing tool dissolves any leftover dirt and stains from your carpet, leaving them spotless and disinfected. At the end of the procedure we deodorize your carpet and extract most of the moisture in order to speed up the drying process.

Dry Cleaning of Carpets:

Dry cleaning of carpets is a fairly new technique. We use it for more delicate fabrics or ones that are not so heavily stained. It is as efficient as the steam cleaning method and faster, since you do not have to wait for your carpets to dry after being treated.

Here is how Dry Cleaning goes:

Again,the first step is determining the exact kind of carpet that you have, then its whole surface is being vacuumed. This is crucial to the following steps since any dirt left on the carpet might dissolve and cause further staining.

After that, a special dry cleaning chemical is spread all over the carpeted surface in the form of powder. This product reacts with the stains, dissolving the oil in them. Oil is the component that makes dirt stick to your carpet fibers. Removing it makes all stains easier to get rid of.

Special cotton pads are placed into hot water, then put on a machine that spins them around and all areas are being treated. This results in full stain removal from the surface. Depending on the staining those pads might have to be changed during the process.

Both methods are proven efficient and trustworthy so do not hesitate and trust our technicians with your carpets. We will transform them back to their initial condition, leaving your house looking fresher, cleaner and disinfected.

We strongly suggest that:

You vacuum your carpets weekly ( at least ). This prevents dirt and dust gathering on them. It also keeps them looking cleaner and fresher and prevents some health issues related to dirty carpets (asthma, allergies, skin irritations etc.)

You do not attempt using any kind of chemicals or home remedies on your stained carpets. This can cause serious damage to them or the certain product might react with the stain, causing it to become permanent. This is why we run all those tests prior to the cleaning. It is important to know exactly what you are using for the particular type of carpet.

You call us straight away if some serious staining occurs. The sooner it is treated, the better are the chances of removing it. We work 7 days a week (including all bank holidays) so a team of professionals could be on their way as soon as you call.

We also cover:

When my friend told me about carpet cleaning i didnt really think it was an option. I imagined it would take so long and wouldnt make such a difference. I guess i was wrong. Jake and Michael came to my house and cleaned everything so well. I couldnt believe my eyes. So pleased with them. – Brooke Lewis

I found these guys on Google and i really needed my carpets cleaned because i was moving out and was going to rent out my 4 bedroom house. They came with two huge machines and in half a day they cleaned all floors perfectly. I was impressed. Recommended them to some friends of mine already. – Albert

I never thought I would see my carpet that clean again. I got it many years ago and with time it kind of lost its good looks. I was thinking of replacing it but then my friend told me about your company. When your team came over i was a bit skeptical but wow. Thank you so much, cant recommend you enough! – Kristen B.

Thank you so much for this wonderful service. My carpet looks just like it did when i bought it. Your team was very polite and professional and gave me this special solution so i can clean my carpet with it. I would definitely book you again. – Josh

I bought a new house that was fully renovated but all floors were carpeted. I didnt really notice how dirty they were until i started moving in. I considered replacing them all but my wife said we should probably clean them since they are actually nice carpets. So we did. Hiring your company saved me tons of money and time. Thank you so much for doing this. Would totally recommend you to everyone! – Tim Allen