Terms and Conditions

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When we are discussing the price of a particular service on the phone, we consider average room sizes. The Company is allowed to change the initial quote after we examine the property or in case the Client changes their original requirements.

Guaranteed Services

There is a guarantee to one of our services and this is end of tenancy cleaning. This type of service has a 48-hour guarantee. After this period expires, no complaints are accepted. Within this period the client can claim a re-clean. Our team will revisit your property and clean all the areas that they missed to clean the first time for free, if there are any.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio flat £99
One Bedroom Property £159
Two Bedroom Property £189
Three Bedroom Property £220
Four Bedroom Flat from £300
Five Bedroom Flat from £400
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Hallway/ Landing carpet £8
Armchair £22
Bedroom carpet £25
Living/ Dining room carpet £29
Two seat sofa £45
Hourly Based Services Prices
Domestic Cleaning £14
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18


Each customer is obliged to pay for the provided service after completion of the cleaning. The payment must be made in cash right before our operatives leave the building.

If the Company agrees that the Client may pay by bank transfer or credit card, the said payment must be made at least a day before the scheduled cleaning and no later. The Company has the right to cancel a cleaning session should the Client fails to transfer the money in advance.


Every client has the right to cancel an appointment by notifying the company about that a day before the scheduled service. There are no fees.

Should the condition of the property imposes greater risk to the wellbeing and health of the cleaning team, the Company reserves the right to refuse or cancel the cleaning job.

We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel a service if unexpected circumstances or an accident occurs that prevent our assigned operatives from doing their jobs.


When the cleaning is already completed, no refund claims will be accepted.

Every completed service is considered successful and to the satisfaction of the Client unless they send a written notice to the Company within 24 hours of the cleaning session explaining the reason for their complaint and giving all the surrounding details. After a thorough investigation of the complaint we will make sure we resolve the problem to the Client’s satisfaction.

The Client must let the cleaning team in their property again for a re-clean and inspection of the items/areas disputed by the Client before allowing an outside party to perform other services.

Our cleaners work really hard not to break anything but sometimes accidents just happen. The Company will try to replace any broken item with its identical copy. However, this is not guaranteed. Here is why we request that the Client stores away any irreplaceable items that have sentimental or monetary value. Else, the customer may ask the cleaning operatives not to clean these items at all.

We may ask you to provide access to your property within 24 hours of the complaint to fix things.

The Company refuses to be held responsible for damages caused by the Client, such as putting furniture on a carpet that has not dried completely.

We shall not be responsible for carpets shrinkage occurred due to poor fitting.

We will not be liable for any old burns, stains, spillages and other damages in the Client’s property that cannot be completely removed or cleaned by means of standard cleaning solutions.

We always attempt to provide the highest standard of cleaning service to your property and appliances. However, we shall not be liable for built-up dirt which cannot be cleaned with chemicals due to poor maintenance of the appliances; for example, if they have never received a single clean since the purchase.

We expect that your defrost your freezers in advance. Otherwise we may not be able to clean them entirely while they are still defrosting.

Our services involving Professional and Basic Gardening do not include the collection of waste.

The Company does not guarantee performance of End of Tenancy Cleaning service while people and furniture are still present in the premises at the time of the session.


In the property where the cleaning session is to be conducted there should be running water and electricity. If the Client fails to provide these, they will be charged £60.

The Client also must ensure access to the building at the time of the cleaning. If the Client entrusts the cleaning team with keys, they should be able to open all locks without effort. Should the Client fails to provide these, they will be charged £60.

Regular Domestic Cleaning

As long as regular domestic cleaning is concerned, clients can pay the cleaner in cash after every session.
If the Client requires to meet the cleaning operative, they should pay £10 for time and travel expenses.
The Client should ensure all the cleaning equipment, detergents and materials.
Every appointment should be arranged for the same time and day of the week for every cleaning session.
The Company is not able to reschedule its regular services. Generally, we cannot provide cleaners at days and time different than the ones arranged from the start.
Should the Client wants to cancel a scheduled service, they should notify the company 24 hours before the cleaning. If they fail to contact the company, they are subject to a cancellation fee that is just the same as the full cost of the booked service.
We have a minimum of the service where the weekly one should be at least 2 hours and the fortnightly one should be at least 3 hours.
Every client is responsible for ensuring access to their premises at the time of the cleaning.
We would prefer our revered clients entrust our operatives with a spare ky.

Minimum charges

The minimum charge of Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning is 48 GBP.
The minium timescales of our One off Cleaning is 3 hours, the minimum charge being 36 GBP.
The minimum charge of Gardening is 50 GBP.

Every discount applies only in cases where the service is above the minimum charge. Hourly based services are not included in the discounts and promotions.

In cases of unpredictable circumstances that are not dependant on us and are out of our control, we shall not be responsible for any services cancellations or rearrangements due to inability of the assigned team to perform the cleaning task.

Once the cleaning session is over, no compensation or refund claims shall be accepted.

If the Company agrees that the Client may pay by bank transfer or credit card, the said payment must be made at least a day before the scheduled cleaning and no later than that. The Company has the right to cancel a cleaning session should the Client fails to transfer the money in advance.