Regular Cleaning

Whether it is rudimentary tasks coverage or a more thorough house cleaning – look no further for you have found the right people for the job. Our regular cleaning services in London are available daily, weekly or monthly depending on your best interest.

We know how hard it is to keep up with all the chores at home. Working full time and maintaining your house in a proper condition can sometimes be too much for you to handle. Do not hesitate and call us. We have been providing this service for many years now, focusing on our customers’ requests and needs. You have a to-do list? No problem, we got you!

We offer full domestic cleaning service to all areas of London. You can schedule a weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning.

Our staff is highly professional in their work and offer only the best solutions towards any kind of more “specific” cleansing. We ensure complete and satisfactory results due to our experience and long years of service in the field of home cleaning.

This also ensures that your home is going to be cleaned even if you are not there. Once you schedule your regular service, the same cleaners will be assigned to you every time. This way you can rest assured that your home is in good hands as well as that the cleaners are familiar with you and all your additional tasks and preferences.

We made this service available to anyone who might need it and it can be fully tailored according to your personal needs. We cover the basic cleaning of your home and leave the rest to you. Anything you wish to get done, just let us know in advance.

We will pick the best team for you and come prepared to do everything that is needed in order to satisfy you.

Here are the basic chores that we cover:

  • Dusting and cleaning all surfaces of your home
  • Washing the dishes/loading the dishwasher
  • Bathroom (toilet, sink and mirrors) cleaned
  • Kitchen (stove top, sink and table) cleaned
  • All rubbish removed
  • All floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Bed linen changed
  • Polishing of all wooden surfaces you might have

Positive feedback from our customers has gained us quite the level of popularity and let us note that this has in no manner made us at all careless towards our work.

In fact, we put in great effort to keep our top position amongst the competitors by offering flexible work times, a great variety of regular cleaning services and service packages and last but not least our aforementioned professional staff. In fact, most of our customers are regulars who have been using our services for years. Finding a good cleaning company to stick with can be hard. We suggest you give us a try and we promise not to disappoint.

We put in a great deal of time researching any new products on the market so that we stay in touch with any new trends. We do this in order to satisfy your cleaning needs and ensure your health and the health of your loved ones.

All of our professionals are equipped with the latest and best products and tools. We provide high quality using only safe, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products.

Find bellow some of the areas we service:

Questions and Answers:

Can I trust your employees in my house when I’m not there?

A.: Absolutely! All of our employees are fully vetted with thorough background checks done, prior to their hiring. Once you establish a desirable schedule, the same cleaners will be coming to your house. This way you will get to know each other so you can trust them in your house, as well as them knowing what is best for your particular requests.

Q.: Do I need to provide anything for the cleaners?

All of our teams come fully equipped. If there are no particular products of yours that you would like to be used on your premises, you do not need anything. The only thing you might need to provide is access to your property, in case of you being absent at the time of the service.

Q.: Can I fully personalise my service?

A.: Yes! This particular service is made especially to cover all of our clients needs and requests. Whenever you have any special tasks for the cleaners, make a list and share it with your booking agent. That way, the team will come prepared to do everything just the way you want it.

Q.: What if my cleaner is not available?

A.: Once you establish a schedule with the same cleaner, we make sure they are always available at that particular time. However, if they are absent for any other reason, we will make sure to send someone else to cover your cleaning for that particular appointment. If you insist on having the same person, we would be happy to reschedule for you.

Hello, I am so ashamed that I can’t cope with all my cleaning duties, but our house is so big, I am really not able to do it alone. Thanks for helping me so much. I don’t know what I will do without you. You are such a precious thing. – Dennis

I have 3 children and you can imagine how my house looks even when I attempt to clean it. Another mother-friend of mine recommended Call Cleaners and i decided to give them a try. Now it has been 3 months that we work together. My regular cleaner is amazing, she does everything i ask for and is so nice. I am so happy that i can have my friends over again without being ashamed of the mess. – Diane Stuggs

I was promoted at work which is good but i have zero time to spend on my house cleaning. I was so stressed about it so i looked for help and found this company. They send Jessie every month and i swear i have never seen my house so neat. I am very grateful to have her, would recommend 10/10. – Freddie Rolle

Nick comes to clean my flat every week. I am so pleased with his job, every time i notice that he cleaned someplace new that i would not ever expect. Great service! – Ellie

I rent out my apartment as an Airbnb. Every time guests leave, i hire someone from Call Cleaners to come take care of the place. All reviews i get mention how clean my place is. Couldn’t be any better. – Thomas