After Builders Cleaning

Call Cleaners London can offer your first class after builders cleaning services.
Once your home is redecorated or some major repair work has been carried out, what’s left is dirt, dust and other debris.

Taking care of such a mess requires more than friendly neighbours to help you whisk away heavy blocks of concrete from your property. There’s a lot to be taken into account: such as the fine dust particles that are highly resistant to conventional methods used in home cleaning.

That prevents you from enjoying your new, beautiful custom-made space.

Our enterprise has multiple branches in London that work closely together, but specialize differently – each in its respective field. The after builders cleaning team of the company is composed of well-trained individuals who have the necessary expertise to resolve even the most complicated cleaning crisis.

They will help you by removing all hazardous materials and leftover dirt, ensuring everyone’s safety.

The service we offer is consistent and thorough – we take care of anything from skirting boards, doors and door frames, window frames and sills to light switches and sockets.

The upshot is an immaculate home, one that greatly differs from the dull state you first saw when the repair works were first finished.

We work on the following areas, service depending on the particular space and renovations done in it:

-Removing dust, dirt and scuff marks.
Any construction might be hard on your walls and floors. We make sure all those delicate surfaces are taken care of and cleaned, using special safe cleaning solutions.

-Cleaning fixtures and appliances
The dirt that’s kicked up during the construction process can easily leave layers of dust on your new appliances and fixtures. We want to ensure thorough and proper vacuuming, dusting and disinfection of all surfaces.

-Sanitising baseboards, door frames, shelves etc.
Those areas are particularly vulnerable to construction dirt leftovers and their delicate surface requires a more careful cleaning process. We will make sure to remove all paint, stains or other impurities without scratching or damaging the surface of the wood.

-Scrubbing tiles and bricks
Usually concrete, paint and grout is left behind on hard surfaces. We are able to clean your hard surfaces, as well as we would the soft and smooth ones. This will highly contribute to the finished look of your newly-renovated space.

-Vacuuming Upholstery or other furniture
Having smaller renovation projects done doesn’t require furniture being removed from the premises. This means that although covered, upholstery will pick up part of the dust and grime that is flowing around. This leaves them dull and unclean looking. We have the proper equipment to vacuum all and leave them in a condition, matching the one of your renovated space.

The experts who work on your property are highly motivated and qualified, combining this knowledge with the latest cleaning equipment and tools to deliver a service designed to fit all your needs.

We work to a brisk schedule in order to achieve maximum results in the least possible time. We send our employees fully-equipped with all the tools that might be required in order to clean all hazardous waste, dust and particles left behind after your construction has been finished.

After we’re done, your home is an immaculate example of cleanliness and freshness. No dust or dirt will be found anywhere in the house or apartment. Every nook and cranny will be inspected warily as we cover our basis.

This will result in you being able to enjoy your new space right away instead of spending several days in attempts to clean it properly.

Another concern is what after builders cleaning service you really need. We help you figure out, by sending our representatives to your home and advise you on the spot completely free of charge.

It’s your comfort that’s important to us. For any questions or information, feel free to call our office and one of our agents there will consult you with everything you might need.

Here are some of the benefits you gain by choosing our service:

  • You get to enjoy your new space sooner without any additional work on your side
  • We save you time and effort and prepare your premises for decoration and fun
  • You don’t need to buy special cleaning equipment in order to tidy up the place
  • You will receive high quality cleaning for a reasonable price
  • We offer you a flexible schedule, working 24/7, 7 days a week

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Questions and Answers:

Q.: How long will it take?

A.: The overall time of task completion varies depending on your property and what part of it has been involved in the reconstruction process. This said, our service may be completed promptly, in a matter of hours, or we may have to come back and resume our cleaning. Nevertheless, we strive to provide the best conditions for our clients.

Q.: Do I need to provide anything?

A.: No, our technicians will come with everything that is needed, including professional industrial cleaning equipment, trash bags and powerful solutions to get rid of all that is left behind after construction.

We employed Call Cleaners on a recent project. They arrived as soon as we were done with the construction and did a great job. Our client was very pleased with the condition of their property. We will definitely continue working with them! – Jack Byrnes

After the renovation of our home me and my husband were desperate. We werent really sure how to start cleaning up. Our neighbour recommended Call Cleaners so we booked them. The quality of work is just fantastic. No dust or waste was left after the cleaning. Absolutely happy with it. – Jane

Great staff, great Health and Safety policies. Could not have asked for a better job done. Thank you guys for coming. – Donald Shack

Our company hired Call Cleaners for a few renovation projects. Since then, all of our reviews are amazing! We have struggled for a while to find a good company for the job. Not an issue anymore, these people have it all! – Finn Linston

The team managed to clean two of our warehouses, full of industrial waste and dust. Incredible service at a reasonable price. Really appreciate it! – Preston