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CallCleaners Ltd. is a leading provider of professional cleaners in Battersea, SW11, London. We offer first quality service at most competitive price.

Nowadays it’s not necessary that we take care of our homes in the conventional sense. Instead of spending countless hours slaving to the household, shaking off dust, mopping and vacuuming, or perhaps futilely trying to restore the previous condition of our stained upholstered furniture, we can simply relax while hired specialists go about our home and tackle any cleaning-related woe that we have.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio flat £99
One Bedroom Property £159
Two Bedroom Property £189
Three Bedroom Property £220
Four Bedroom Flat from £300
Five Bedroom Flat from £400
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Hallway/ Landing carpet £8
Armchair £22
Bedroom carpet £25
Living/ Dining room carpet £29
Two seat sofa £45
Hourly Based Services Prices
Domestic Cleaning £14
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

Being a professional cleaner must be hard. I am glad that I chose your service, your employees really know what they are doing. My house looks great!

Indeed, the quickening pace of our lives has resulted into more well-to-do people, but it also decreased the time we had to ourselves and our families. Nowadays, we spend more time worrying about our jobs, checking mails and expecting instructions 24/7, that even the paltry amount of free time we have, we spend on something else but ourselves.

This is a vicious circle which we intend to put a stop to. Regardless of the cleaning job you need, our company has the solution for as long as you’re on the territory of London. Our employees are fully-fledged specialists whose expertise results from years of experience and regular company training in order to stay up to date with the latest trends. Everything from our equipment to our detergents is of the best quality. The chemicals we use are eco-friendly and pose no danger to man and environment. As a well-known name in the cleaning business, we’re inclined to observe the latest health regulations. We put great stress on your health and the health of your loved-ones.

Most commonly people seek us to hire a domestic aide, one-off cleans and upholstery & sofa cleaning in Battersea, SW11. The last one in the list is a rather sophisticated process, because it requires good knowledge and understanding of different kind of fabrics used in upholstery and how they react with certain detergents. It’s not only a fiddly, but a demanding task, that’s better left to the professionals – especially if the fabric of your upholstered furniture is silk or another type of easy to stain and spoil material. To successfully remove a stain from such fabric requires top-of-the-range stain removers and special detergents. We use a combination of manual tools and hot water extraction that suck the grime from the very base of your furniture.

For any further inquiries feel free to phone our professional customer service. We’re available 24/7. Our services are available at weekends with no change in rates.

About Battersea

The south London district of Battersea is situated towards the southern side of River Thames. Before the inception of Industrial Revolution, this place used to be farmland which helped in providing food to people living in London and adjoining areas.

Four housing estates primarily dominate the area which includes Winstanley Estate, Surrey Lane Estate, Patmore Estate, and Doddington & Rollo Estate. Few of the areas of Battersea lying to the north have earned huge reputation for being drug dealing hotspots. Unlike, the past, Battersea has changed a lot as most of the factories are now demolished and have found replacements in the form of modern apartment buildings. The working men’s pubs have transformed into fashionable bistros even though local authority industrial and housing areas still remain the same.

Battersea is well connected by different rail stations like Clapham Junction, Battersea Park, Queenstown Road, Wandsworth Road, Battersea, and Battersea North. Some of the famous personalities who used to live or presently live in the area includes Ben Adams, Danii Minogue, J K Rowling, Greg Rusedski, John Scott and several others.